Christian Aparo

As I was about to embark on the supposedly the toughest and final year of schooling and coming off one of the strictest years being locked inside my house for half of the year in 2020. I decided to show my mental health through my art. Throughout unit 3 I was trying to figure out something that was slightly different, when I was able to come up with the idea of sleep and looking at how sleep can impact yourself. This helped prompt me into looking into the different types of sleep problems and the effect of tiredness. As I have had multiple problems within my own sleep, I was able to use my own experiences into developing my own art. The contemporary idea of using pillowcases as my canvas, using both paint and markers onto the material to help create a new style of work. Following this, in unit 4 I slightly changed route and looked at tattoo designs and how I can use mental health themes in tattoos. It looked at different themes such as nature, love, and emotions. These themes still being able to link back to mental health just not as much the disorders that I looked at. Focusing on using line in my artwork, I mainly used single line work through my own artworks as a simplistic way for my work.

Tired Man
Marker on pillowcase
UNIT 3 final artwork relating to sleep
Fine liner on paper

Smoking (Addiction)
Fineliner on paper
Nature (Interconnection)
Fineliner on paper
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