Julian Reitano

In my Unit 4 Studio Process, I explored the theme of Youth Culture and created two digital photographic series, using youths as my subject matter. I planned to create three artworks originally but only made two due to the limitations placed by Covid-19 lockdowns. These artworks are about skateboarding (a subtopic of youth culture) and its rebellious nature, also involving a sense of togetherness and risk and clothing as well as how people choose to express themselves with it or even be consumed by it. For image capture, I used a DSLR camera and edited them using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Indesign at the end of the process to create layouts and the final digital presentation of my artworks. I am very pleased with how these artworks turned out and their cohesion with one another. I love the topic of youth culture as I feel it varies from person to person in both it’s meaning and message which was great to explore and capture during my studio process.
digital image
This artwork is based on the obsession youths have with clothes, expressing themselves through clothing, styles and colours. It is very much based on the idea of self-expression indicated by each person’s choice of clothing and actions being different. Originally, I planned to make it more about the brands consuming people but shifted my focus to the people themselves, wanting the images to depict who they are although, a glimpse of this can still be seen in the large, angled image to the left. All of the images are surrounded by a thin white border accompanied by a black textured background to emphasize them more. The borders, combined with the angles and different sized images also adds design aspects to the artworks which fits in with the clothing.
digital image
This artwork is based on a subtopic of Youth Culture, being skateboarding. Originally, I planned to focus on the subjectiveness of skateboarding and how different people view it but like the title suggests, the focus over time became about freedom, togetherness, and the risk of the culture due to Covid-19 lockdowns. The white border around the images causes them to stand out from the dark background, they are also paired with a black drop shadow to appear layered in contrast to the large, angled image, overlapping and creating a strong design aspect. To separate this angled image even further from the background I added a dark, grey line to its edge. The background used is a textured, grip tape like background, complementing the images as grip tape is a key part of the skateboard, acting as a unifying finishing touch. Overall I am very pleased with the artwork and how it turned out, especially as the movement in the artwork adds a sense of freedom like the title suggests
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