Liam Donhardt

I proposed to have viewers interact with and put my images together in a way they desire and to form a three-dimensional rotating Triptych in which I have ended up being successful in creating my rotating triptych made from PVC piping and presenting this exactly in this manner. This represents my original idea of ‘something is always incorrect or incompatible’ being seen in the subject matter that cannot be properly aligned by the viewer. It has continued to have an emphasis on colour and line although this had a different impact as the subject matter changed due to lockdown restrictions from people to the environment outside of my house and instead of a change in clothing having a change in time of day instead, as seen in the work presented. Artwork 
Perception over Time
The idea was to have multiple perceptions on one scene and displaying how different individuals see matter in a different way which was adhered to when creating this artwork and taking pictures of the same box but from the perception of individuals of a different age and the function it adapts. I also mentioned that it should have features from both points of view so contrast of ideas can be presented with the example being people of different ages would see the box and its functions in different ways which is the exact theme that I portrayed within my work. The image looks to compare multiple perceptions on the same object and contrast them over time and how the changes that occur to it.
Digital Photographic image
Aligned - Video of practical submission
Digital Photographic images, presented on rotating Triptych
Nine separate 5x5 inch images on 20 inch rotating Triptych
Perception over time
Digital Photographic image
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