Mac Ryan

My client wanted a centrepiece that doubled as a light source for their bland boardroom that aesthetically fits with the firm’s previous innovative designs and values. To achieve this, I researched a wide variety of different techniques, materials, and styles to portray their own projects, as well as demonstrating structural integrity through skeletal structure, a core part of their business. I demonstrated innovation and creativity through the product as it is an unusual lighting piece representing the client’s previous techniques and structural integrity through the skeletal shape. This organic shape was developed through a series of visualisations and prototypes to refine the client’s constraints and considerations. Through experimentation with different shapes and methods of producing light, I was able to further develop possible avenues of demonstrating structural integrity, whilst representing the firm’s own values, designs, and techniques. The final design is a result of creative visualisations being heavily refined, whilst researching innovation techniques to produce light.

Ossa Lux
Blackwood, Blackwood Plywood, Stainless Steel Cables, Acrylic, LED Tubes
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