Miguel Onate-Fleming

These artworks are meant to follow the themes of fantasy. The meaning that I wish to show through my work is going to be reflected through my medium and materials. In my first art piece I decided to create a steel helmet that would have more of a meaning to it then visual adequacy. The helmet would have no sight whatsoever. The reason for this is to show how by protecting yourself and in a way shielding yourself from the outside you are blinding yourself to the possibility’s. and in my second piece I had chosen to try to paint a castle. I thought that it would be best to try and base it off one from our world and just change it to my liking. Through this I can build on the theme of fantasy. And using ideas from unit 3 I am able to depict the visualisation of my theme by using real examples of human creation, such as a castle of saint Mont Michel. The concept of my work is to create Art pieces of fantasy that we humans use so much to escape from the harsh reality of the society we live in. as humans we have strong connections to our emotions and in a way those emotions have such a powerful meaning to us, they even make us act at times. I wanted to create artworks that reflected how some work specifically. Although unit 4 was very rough I believe I got what I wanted out of it by showing the audience how we visualize Fantasy in the 21st century. And that is escape from our current modern society, and the many problems we deal with in it.rt text here
Protected from Truth
steel, brass and bone
35cm x 30cm x 40cm
This artwork is a steel sheet metal helmet with brass and mild steel details. it was created using many methods of steel sheet manipulation that is made by hand. The purpose of creating such an work is to depict how we protect ourselves by being blinded to the truth and how such a thing can give a defense to us hence an armor.
Castle by the water
oil on canvas
40cm X 60cm
This artwork is an oil on canvas painting of a castle by the lake. following the themes of fantasy this work revolves around the idea about how we deal with issues that are in our society. many people choose to escape through different ways be it by a hobby or sport. but what other ways of escape are there? that's where this work comes in one way people wish to escape from problems they face in life are through genres. whether that be through literature, art or film. this work expands upon this concept
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