Milton Simopoulos

In our current world people are looking for faster ways to receive their packages that they order online. An effective and environmentally clean way to solve this problem is through the use of delivery drones. Currently delivery companies are spending a big portion of money on drivers to deliver to houses as well as having to deal with misplaced or lost items which is difficult and increases losses for delivery companies. Delivery trucks also produce a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions which is estimated to increase by 6 million tones by the year 2030 if the inflation of trucks on the road doesn’t decrease. This drone will be able to deliver packages to customers reliably, cheaply and on time. This drone can be used to deliver essential supplies such as medical equipment quickly in hard to get to places which could potentially save lives and reduce injury. In systems this year, the plan for my project is to create a drone which can deliver packages. The system will be able to allow parcels to be delivered from point A to point B with the use of a remote. The use of this technology will allow products to be moved quickly and can be used in an outdoor setting. The project when completed should be able to make use of current technologies and allow parcels and packages to be delivered quickly and efficiently.

The Drone
The  2 images below shows the components in which I had to begin the project and the final product which I was able to create. The aim of the project was to create a drone which was able fly products in a basket from one location to another. The build process to multiple days with much soldering and trial and error required before the system was built to a satisfactory level.
Components and Build
180mm x 240mm x 65mm
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